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lean back

holla. Okay so I have to start off by saying again that summer is awesome! Me and my cousin had a party at her house the other day cuz no one was home. All her friends came. It was a lot of fun lol except when some fat kid showed up naked. and he was hitting on Jess and we all freaked out. There was a little hooky up in el hot tub =) holla.

I've been hitting up the beach and riding my bike. working out, getting a tan you know how i do. CLay's back from canada! yahoo! and cole is lazy and fat haha.

My mom bought ice pops yesterday and I can't stop eating them! theyre so addicting. So yeah, I had to clean my room today cuz there was stuff like growing on my floor. and tonight I might go to kaylas but im not sure yet.

okay so I'll write more layta. comment <3
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