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eerybody in the club gettin tipsay

this week has been soo awesome! I love the summer and every single thing about it. heres what i've been doing:

thursday - went to hammy hams. We played soccer with her cats cuz we hate them haha. Then me and ham drove up to jills and waited for sam, riss, and amber to get there. Then we all went to the club. It was so fucking amazing. We all peeamped it you know how we do. Then we got phone calls from the smeagles at like 4 in the morning. You guys are idiots by the way, haha.

el dog - HAHA you guys know =) lmfao

friday - Woke up chilled at Jillys for a little then rissa's sister drove me home. I might go back out tonight but I have a party to go to tomorrow so I might not.

If everyday of my summer is like this then its guna be a bangin one =) leave me some love -<33-
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